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In fact, on a litre of diesel (based on January 2012 prices) 81.3p goes to the Government - if these costs were stripped out, the price of diesel would in fact just be 57.4p a litre, instead of. At only 70-80 deg C. veg-oil is still much more viscous than petro-diesel -- six times more viscous in the case of rapeseed oil ... Yields from soybeans are about 60 gallons per acre, from coconuts more than 200 gallons per acre, and from oil palms more than 500 gallons per acre. ... online report, mainly UK-based: The Diesel Engine, Theory of. The steps to calculate your MPG are. Reset your trip computer when you fill up. Record your distance travelled. Note the number of litres to fill up. Multiply litres by 0.21997 to get Gallons (imperial) Take your total miles and divide it by the number of gallons.
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